Journey Plotter for WindowsJP AvatarJourney Plotter is a Windows application for visualizing journeys of Royal Navy vessels of the World War 1-era, or Arctic voyages of United States vessels from the mid 19th century onwards.Learn Morenavigate_nextNewsJP AvatarJourney Plotter 15 July 2019

Journey Plotter version 2.2 has been released, adding a new feature and fixing a few small bugs, both relating to possible additional positions.

It's available from thepage, which also lists the changes.

WWT AvatarWhere Were They? 28 December 2018

Added the Where Were They? page to the website.

Where Were They? allows you to watch or interact with hundreds of World War 1-era Royal Navy vessels as they move about the globe.

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JP-M AvatarJourney Plotter Mobile 22 October 2018

Released Journey Plotter Mobile for Androidâ„¢ version 1.1.

A minor update to improve date line crossing detection, and to update some graphical aspects.

Thepage lists the changes in more detail.

Where Were They?WWT AvatarWatch or interact with hundreds of World War 1-era Royal Navy vessels as they move about the globe.Go Tonavigate_nextJourney Plotter Mobile for Androidâ„¢JP-M AvatarJourney Plotter Mobile is the Journey Plotter version for Androidâ„¢. It can be used on both phones and tablets.Learn Morenavigate_nextResearch ResourcesA comprehensive list of links accumulated byeditors.
They are used as a source for research whilst editing the official log-books of Royal Navy ships from the World War 1 era.
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Many thanks to the late Gordon Smith for graciously letting us use the information available from.

Thanks in equal measure to Silvia Cavalieri for her valuable help with the graphics and testing the applications. For the latter also Steeleye needs a warm word of appreciation.

Thanks to Caro for helping me with my shortcomings with the English language.

And thanks, of course, to all those volunteers who transcribed and edited the log-books.