Main View

A journey is displayed as a set of tracks and symbols.
Though there are many settings available to change the appearance of tracks and symbols, by default a track is shown as a red line. Bridging lines are used to indicate that the journey has advanced more than a defined number of days without having positions for those days.

Main view portrait mode

The daily noon positions are indicated by the following symbols by default:
is used to indicate the start of a new part of a journey,
is used for standard positions,
is used to indicate that the vessel has been stationary for more than one day.
The size of the symbol indicating the start of a new part is different from a standard symbol. This helps to identify the start in case the ship has been stationary from the beginning.

Tap a symbol to see the events for that day.
Because there can be many symbols close to, or on top of each other, only the events of the top-most symbol will be shown.

The selected day's position is indicated by a ship icon, where Ship default is the default icon, and Ship duplicate is used to indicate that the chosen day is mentioned more than once in the log-books, and that the days have conflicting positions.

You can use gestures such as drag, zoom and rotate to quickly move through the map.

Move the map around by dragging with one finger.

To zoom using one one finger, touch the map briefly once, then immediately touch it again and drag down to zoom in and drag up to zoom out.
To zoom using two fingers, touch the map with two fingers simultaneously; spread the fingers apart to zoom in and pinch the fingers together to zoom out.

It's also possible to zoom in and out using two buttons on the map.
By default these buttons aren't shown; they can be toggled on the settings page.

To rotate the map, touch an area with two fingers and drag both fingers in a circular motion.
To indicate that the map has been rotated, a compass icon will appear in the top-left corner of the map. Tap the compass to orientate the map towards the north.

Tap to maximise the map, then tap to return to the normal view.

Below the map, or to the left in landscape orientation, the available activities for the selected day are shown.
A different day can be shown by swiping left or right, or by selecting one using the buttons in the footer bar.
Tap to maximise the events pane, then tap to return to the normal view.

When animating a journey a progress bar is shown, representing the 24 hours in a day.